Welcome to the website of StegoWeb!

StegoWeb is a simple little application that can hide data using steganographic methods. The idea of steganography is to communicate with someone while the very existence of the communication is concealed. Therefore, the act of hiding anything remains a secret even after uploading the hidden data to the website!

How is this possible? StegoWeb does not hide information in the contents of the webpage; instead, it uses a URL shortener service as storage space. However, the process involves entering a password that is used during the creation of the short URL and storing the information. Therefore, the password is also needed to reveal the data; otherwise, the place of the hidden information cannot be found, and, even if it were found somehow, strong cryptography impedes peeking into the hidden data.

Another advantage of StegoWeb is that it can be installed very simply – it can be used simply through a web browser! In order to achieve this, StegoWeb was implemented as a so-called bookmarklet, and, as such, it is loaded from the Web upon each execution. This means that StegoWeb is free software, so its source code can be viewed, modified or relocated to another server by anyone.

To share the video, embed this snippet in your webpage:

AInstallation of the application is very simple: the following bookmarklet links have to be added as bookmarks in the browser.

When the bookmarklets are in place, the following simple steps are required to assign hidden counterparts to the data on the webpage of choice.

  1. Choosing data. First of all, select the program for marking data (left-hand bookmark), and then highlight the text to be replaced. In our case, this is the word ‘steganography’ in the corresponding article of the Hungarian Wikipedia. This step can be executed as many times as required.
    Choosing data
  2. Encryption and hiding. When you are done with selecting data, execute the hiding program (middle bookmark). A password must be entered at this step, as shown on the figure below.
    Encryption and hiding
  3. Revealing data. Then you have to notify your friends about the webpage, and send the password to them out-of-band. The revealing function can be executed by the right-hand bookmark. The application will ask for the password, similarly to the figure above.
    Revealing data

The following links point to websites where we have hidden information using StegoWeb.

We gladly accept any recommendation or remark about our program on the following contact address: stegoweb@pet-portal.eu

The creators of StegoWeb are: Tamás Besenyei, Ádám Földes, Gábor Gulyás

StegoWeb was developed at the Department of Telecommunications of the BUTE, with support from the International PET Portal and Blog.